Mr. Williams

Hello My Name Is...

Mr. Williams
K-12 Technology Education

I attended Dolgeville Central school from Kindergarten to graduation in 1998. I Applied and was excepted into SUNY Oswego and majored in Technology Education. Upon graduating from Oswego with my BS in Technology Education I began looking for employment.

I interviewed at several local schools, and on the same day I was going to accept a job at another school, I was lucky enough to be contacted by James Donnelly the principal of my Alma Mater Dolgeville Central School. I was offered a job in the Technology Education Department working with Mr. James Kosiba one of my High school Technology Education teachers. I have worked in the Dolgeville Central School District since that time. 

My Current Teaching Load:
Technology 7
Technology 8
Design & Drawing for Production (DDP)
Senior AutoCAD
Creativity & Innovation

In my free time I enjoy baking, blacksmithing, falconry & I am almost always doing something with my hands. 

Mr. W with his Redtail HawkAhyoka Mr. W Redtail